More about our project MovieStarPlanet Hack

MSP Hack 2017 for GirlsDo you want to know more about our project? The MovieStarPlanet hack has been a bit of a complicated journey.
Since we started developing the tool we had a few problems. But we successfully fixed them! And we are eager to release this strong arsenal of MovieStarPlanet Cheats for your MSP account.

Etir Studios – Developers of MSP Hack

We are the developers of the new and unique MSP Boosting Tool.
We already developed such similar tools, but they weren’t for the big games. It was all for these small games such as stick.io and piranha.io and similar stuff.

Programming of game h@cks is our hobby and we do it by our heart. <3
We hope you will like our project. The project is still in BETA Stage, so you can expect some bugs. If you do so, go to our contact us page.

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