MovieStarPlanet Hack 2017

MovieStarPlanet Cheats 2017

MovieStarPlanet is an online social universe where players can create movie star avatars. The objective for players is to rise to fame by earning fame points and star coins as they play games and produce movies for other users to watch. The game is intended for kids 8 to 15 years old and offers many creative and socially interactive features that are fun and intellectually stimulating. MSP can be played for free, but users can also pay to upgrade their accounts to VIP status or purchase start coins. VIP members have access to additional features, like clothing and backdrops for their movies. Any children playing the game should consult with their parents before making online purchases.

Trying to rise to fame quickly without paying for VIP status can be challenging, but fortunately, there are certain MSP hacks and cheats that you can use to gain access to desired features, star coins, and fame points faster.

How to get started playing MovieStarPlanet

To start playing MSP, you need to create an account and build an avatar. This avatar can be either a boy or girl and they will represent your movie star persona in the game and in your films. Your avatar can be customized from a variety of features including hair color and style, eye color and shape, facial features, skin color, and clothing. Each of these options can be personalized as well. For example, for female avatars, you can choose from a wide variety of hairstyles, from very short to very long, and you can customize the hair color to virtually any shade or hue. The same is true of the clothing; MSP users can choose from a variety of clothing styles and all the clothes can be customized to match the colors that you desire.

After you make your avatar, you will need to create an account by entering a unique username and password. If you are unhappy with how your avatar looks after you have created your account, keep reading to learn how you can buy new customization features.

How to buy things for your character

Once in the game, you will start earning star points which you can spend at the store. Some of the items that are for sale for your character include clothing, makeup, special hairstyles, accessories, and other customization features. You can add all of your favorite items to your wishlist so that you can buy them when you have enough star points.

Unfortunately, some of the best items for sale on MSP can be rather expensive, requiring you to either become a VIP member or save up your star points by playing a lot of games and producing a lot of movies. However, by using MSP cheats you can earn fame and star points fast, and even get some of your favorite items from your wish list.

How to buy things for your movies

moviestarplanet hack tool 2017In MovieStarPlanet, users get to direct their own films starring their avatars in order to gain fame points faster. Making movies is one of the best parts of the game because you can create the storyline, direct it, and write all of the dialogue yourself. The more users who watch your movies, the more famous your character will become and the more star points you will be able to earn.

In order to make great films, you can purchase special backdrops, props, costumes, and effects for your character. Not only will these items make your movies better and improve your fame, they also make it much more fun to direct and create films. MovieStarPlanet hacks can help you make better movies by allowing you to buy awesome props and backdrops, and they can also help make your movies more popular so that you can earn fame faster.

How to earn star points

MSP Hack Cheats 2017Making movies and earning fame is the main way that users earn star points in the game. Using MSP cheats or paying for special backdrops, props, and costumes can help make your movies better and attract more views. You can also earn star points by playing games, taking quizzes, and participating in certain special social events. Once you make friends on MSP, you can also give each other gifts.

Hacks and cheats can help you earn star points fast so that you can take advantage of the best features that MSP has to offer and you can quickly become famous just like the VIP members.

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